New research help feature in Moodle courses


Starting with spring 2014 two new Moodle blocks are available to assist students as they work their way through the research process.

These blocks link students to library resources to help them get started on their research, to make an appointment to meet with a subject librarian, and find help on how to cite their sources using various citation styles.  If students need immediate research assistance, they will also have the ability to instant message a librarian.  Students are not always aware of the range of academic resources (people and materials) available through the library, and this new feature will facilitate their discovery.

To add these two new blocks to a Moodle course:

  1. Click the Turn editing on button in the upper right of the course page.
  2. The Add a block option will appear in the bottom left sidebar.
  3. From the Add a block drop-down menu, select the Ask a Librarian and Research Help options.
    moodleblock2   moodleblock1