Thank you and congratulations to our recently graduated library workers!

Student workers help the library provide the services the Wesleyan community needs: from getting books ready for the shelves, to checking them out and then reshelving them when they come back, to digitizing items.  Without their commitment, the libraries couldn’t stay open to the wee hours of the morning to accommodate late night studying.  To all of our recently graduated library workers, thank you for  your hard work and congratulations on your graduation!  Best wishes from the library staff and the Friends of the Wesleyan Library.   Come back to visit often!

Book Conservation Lab
Amanda Larsen
Sophie Sokolov

Mary Carrion
Mikaela Carty
Christine Clark
Victoria Cruz-de Jesus
Lorena Fernandez
William Freudenheim
Christi Pak
Irvine Peck’s-Agaya
Aqila Putri
Nila Ravi
Anthony Strack

InterLibrary Loan
Brooke Burns
Alejandra Marcelino
Danielle Rosario

Library Office
Aida Julien
Shizuha Hatori
Sarasa Suzuki
Shione Donahue

Materials Processing Marking
Christopher Cepil
Patrique Harris

Music Library
Declan Hindman
Justin Liew
Thomas Reid

Grace No
Jonathan Tang
Thai Duong Vu Nguyen

Science Library
Kafilah Ali Muhammad
Ethan Chupp
Diana Dominguez
Gretchen LaMotte
Jin Soong Liew
Alina Pham

Cail Daley
Sarah Kang
Gabriel Tagliamonte


Music Library graduating student workers Thomas, Justin, and Declan