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“Heroes for All Time: Connecticut’s Civil War Soldiers Tell Their Stories” — A talk by Dione Longley ‘82

Tuesday, April 21, 2015 7:00 pm
Develin Room, 2nd floor, Olin Memorial Library, 252 Church Street, Middletown

Free and open to the public.

An exhibit of Civil War materials from Special Collections & Archives will be on view from 6:30-7:00 and 8:00-8:45 in the Davison Rare Book Room, 1st floor, Olin Library.


Heroes cover


Dione Longley will speak about Heroes for All Time, the book she co-authored with Buck Zaidel using soldiers’ letters and diaries and written accounts by nurses, doctors, soldiers’ families, and volunteers on the home front to vividly portray the war through their moving stories.  The book includes hundreds of outstanding period photographs, most previously unpublished.

Dione graduated from Wesleyan with a BA in American Studies in 1982.  She was director of the Middlesex County Historical Society in Middletown for 20 years.  Now a public historian and writer, she resides in Higganum with her husband and two daughters.

Heroes for All Time is available from Wesleyan University Press, and will also be for sale by Broad Street Books at the event.  If you would like us to reserve a book for you, please email libfriends@wesleyan.edu.

For more information, email libfriends@wesleyan.edu.



Announcing Night Flying, by Joy Christine Mlozanowski



From Amazon.com: ” In her diary, Mae questions God as she and her husband confront the news of an abnormal pregnancy and agonize over the decisions they face. Needing time away to think, she visits her childhood home and reconnects with Will, a deaf friend who taught her to sign when they were young. After her visit, Mae and Will continue an intimate written exchange in which she confides her despair, while Will shares his own struggle to honor the wishes of his dying father, and reconcile his mother’s reluctance to let go.

This collection of correspondences between Mae and Will form a powerful, nonjudgmental narrative around faith and the controversial topics of abortion and end-of-life care. Their story is one of understanding and hope, and promises to deeply touch anyone who has faced these difficult and heartbreaking choices.”

A review from Tony Connor, poet, playwright, and Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature:

“Night Flying navigates darkness using only the instruments of the author’s finely tuned imagination. The work defies classification—poem, novella, epistolary meditation—while engaging many literary modes and amply fulfilling Ezra Pound’s famous dictum, Make it new.

Audacious and original, it fuses Job-like questioning of God’s goodness with the colloquial exchange of emails, touching, as it does so, upon religious heritage, the flawed human flesh, childhood hopes, death’s certainty, the limits of language and truths to be apprehended only in silence. At the same time, the work embodies a powerful dialogue between the certainties of tradition and the dislocations of post-modernism, which in no way obscures its simpler and grander purpose.

Night Flying is, above all else, a touching evocation of physical and spiritual suffering and love.”

Click here to purchase.

Congratulations to Joy!  We know her as a wonderful colleague and now also as a “writer, artist, and a transpersonal hypnotherapist with an interest in expressive arts.”  A reception will be held in the spring.


Joy Mlozanowski

Adopt a book in honor of the special people in your life who love books and/or research.

Wesleyan’s Adopt a Book Program supports the library’s conservation program, focusing on books with a direct connection to Wesleyan’s curriculum and those that are tied to Wesleyan’s history.   The beneficiary of your gift will have a personalized bookplate added to the chosen book, which will be treated and protected in Wesleyan’s library for future generations.  Click here for further information.

Adopt a Book

Adopt a Book

Wednesday, Nov. 19,  2014 — 4:15 p.m.

Smith Reading Room, Olin Library
followed by an open house in Special Collections & Archives

Please join us for the opening of Victorious Secret: Elite Olympic Champions as Dancing Bikini Girls by Angela S. Lorenz.  This series of three mosaic triptychs is based on the famous mosaics on the floor of an ancient Roman villa in Piazza Armerina, Sicily, from 300 AD.  The mosaics are often interpreted as “dancing bikini girls,” but Angela Lorenz reclaims them as the elite athletes they really were.  At the open house following the artist’s talk, more than twenty of Lorenz’s artist’s books will be on display.  Victorious Secret commemorates the 40th anniversary of Title IX.

Victorious Secret is on display in the lobby of Olin Library through the end of the semester.

Victorious Secret image


Sponsored by the Friends of Wesleyan Library, the Office of Equity & Inclusion, the Athletics Department, and Special Collections & Archives.

The Friends of the Wesleyan Library would like to thank to all the people who made this year’s library book sale so successful, especially the  student volunteers.  We were grateful for help from Wesleyan’s men’s lacrosse team members who moved hundreds of boxes of books the day before and the day of the sale.  We really couldn’t have managed without them.

lacrosse team with book cart 140926_0003

Lacrosse team help Friday group of 5140926_0001

Lacrosse team help Sat. 140927_0001

Many faculty, staff, and community members, and texts.com donated books throughout the year, and the Community Service House surprised us with a last minute donation of hundreds of books a few days before the sale.   Members of the Community Service House also helped put up posters and volunteered at the sale itself.

Alex delivering books 2 cropped

Volunteers on Saturday

The sale raised about $3,500 to support library events and projects.

Book sale photo from Connection Sept 2014


(Book sale photo from Wesleyan Connection.)

Over 3,000 books for sale on Saturday, September 27 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the lobby of Olin Memorial Library, 252 Church St., Middletown, CT.  A great selection of academic and popular books, most priced $1 to $5, with betters books $10+.  Cash and checks accepted.  This is a perfect activity for Family Weekend.  If you can’t make it on Saturday, check out the remaining books for sale on Sunday during regular library hours.  All proceeds help support library events and projects.  For more information, email libfriends@wesleyan.edu.

2013 book sale photo

David Rabban“Free Speech, Academic Freedom, and the American University”

 a Constitution Day talk by David Rabban ’71

Wednesday, September 17, 2014 – 7:00 pm

Smith Reading Room, Olin Memorial Library, 252 Church Street, Middletown

Free and open to the public.

This talk will cover the judicial treatment of free speech and academic freedom at American universities from the 1950s to the present.  It will explore the First Amendment rights of professors, students, and universities as institutions, and the tensions that arise when these rights conflict.  Topics will include the regulation of classroom speech, the constitutionality of campus “speech codes,” student political expression and association, the relationship between academic freedom and affirmative action, and the extent to which general First Amendment principles have been modified in the academic context.

David M. Rabban graduated from Wesleyan in 1971 and from Stanford Law School in 1974.  After working in a labor law firm and as staff counsel for the American Association of University Professors (AAUP), he joined the faculty of the University of Texas School of Law in 1983.  He served as general counsel of the AAUP from 1998 to 2006 and as chair of its Committee on Academic Freedom and Tenure from 2006 to 2012.  His book, Free Speech in Its Forgotten Years, 1870-1920 (Cambridge 1997) was co-winner of the Morris D. Forkosch Prize presented by the Journal of the History of Ideas for “the best book in intellectual history published in 1997” and winner of the 1998 Eli M. Oboler Award of the American Library Association Intellectual Freedom Round Table for “the most significant work in intellectual freedom published in 1996 and 1997.”  His most recent book is Law’s History:  American Legal Thought and the Transatlantic Turn to History (Cambridge 2013).


Email libfriends@wesleyan.edu for more information.

Update, July 31, 2014:  The Art Library collections have been moved and inter-shelved in the Olin Library stacks, and the rest of the stacks work is largely complete.  In the next few weeks there will be some final adjustments of books and shelving, and an A-Z shelf-reading in the fall.

In the meantime, if the book you want is not accessible go to the record for the book in our online catalog and request that it be retrieved for you, using the Make a Request / Search Request for Item Not Found form.  We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your continued patience!

We will create and distribute permanent Olin and SciLi stack guides once the shift is complete; but here are preliminary guides for each floor in Olin.

Floor 3A:  Regular stacks LC classification A – AM; AP95 – AZ ; Oversize stacks, +A – +Z ; Double oversize, ++A – ++Z:

Floor 3AUPdate


Floor 3:  Regular stacks: B – D:

Floor 3


Floor 2A: Regular stacks: E – HV (through 6000s):

Floor 2A


Floor 2: Regular stacks: HV (continued) – PA (through 4000s):

Floor 2


Floor 1A: Regular stacks: PA (continued) – PQ (through 3000s):

Floor 1A


Floor 1: Regular stacks: PQ (continued) – PS (just the first few shelves):

Floor 1


Basement – Upper Level:  Regular stacks: PS (continued):

Basement - Upper Level


Basement – Lower Level: Regular stacks: PT; Z:

Basement - Lower Level


Science Library, second floor:  Regular and oversize stacks: Q – V.  NOTE: TR (Photography) is being reclassified to NH, so they will shelve in Olin with the rest of the Art collection.

Science Library, ground floor:  Storage (Rider) collections: Older collections classified using Cutter (not LC); Science bound periodicals.

Any questions or concerns?  Please contact Pat Tully at x3887, or ptully@wesleyan.edu.

Summer changes

“It must be so nice and quiet in the library in the summer …,” but it never is!  Here’s a link to our detailed timeline: Art in Olin timeline public


The move of the Art Library into Olin and associated office and collections shifts has already begun, but will begin in earnest next week and last through the end of July.

In addition to this there are several other facilities projects occurring in early in the summer, including the installation of a gender-neutral bathroom on the ground floor of Olin.

Because of the complexity of the Art Library move and other projects, we will periodically refresh this timeline to reflect the latest schedule.  There may be times when sections of the stacks are inaccessible, but we will have a paging system in place if you need a book that is in an area being shifted.

Thank you in advance for your patience.  We are looking forward to showing off the beautiful new public spaces this fall!

New Art in Olin space

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